Marina Bay Sands: Lunar New Year Décor ‘Lanterns & Peonies’

The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands was decked with colourful peonies and plum blossoms. The bountiful usage of decorative flowers towered the entire walkway in elegance to usher visitors into another year of abundance and prosperity in the spirit of Chinese New Year.


Marina Bay Sands



  • Design
  • Fabrication
  • Installation and Dismantling
  • Project Management

Displays on the walkway of the mall housing various luxurious brands were designed to be simple yet grandeur to complement the grace of the space. It made visitors feel like they were walking through a physical catalogue, browsing seasonal brand collections through window displays.

“Flowers signifies life and fortune, representing growth after a long winter.”

“These golden lanterns resembled the handicraft ones made out of chinese red packets when we were younger.”