Dezign Format is a turnkey Design & Build specialist in the industry. We are an integrated spatial-design practitioner.

We have more than

35 years of experience in:

Festive Décor

Events & Exhibitions

Themed Experiences

Museum & Galleries

Brand Activation

Commercial &

Retail Fit-Out

Our Process

1. Conceptualisation

From brief to life, our impression artists and curators conceptualise and ideate.

2. Design

From graphic design, 3D modelling to technical drawings, we bring you your vision.

3. Fabrication

Combining our crafts across carpentry, metalsmithing and sculpting, our curations are limitless.

4. Project Management

From project scheduling, permit clearances to supervision of works, we manage every aspect of the project so you won’t have to.

"We strive to integrate creativity with functionality, creating something that speaks for you."

Affiliated Services

interior design

Décor & Finesse

Décor & Finesse is a homegrown interior design company started with an idea to create an efficient and accommodative space for all. From residential to commercial, we conceptualise every idea and finesse them to build a perfect space for you.

IP Development & Distribution

DF Experiences

DF Experiences focuses on developing and distributing IP content and projects together with interested partners. From creatives to thematic and build, we develop and market immersive experiences including events, exhibitions, galleries and displays with the use of new and multimedia mediums for enthusiasts to appreciate.

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