Marina Bay Sands: Christmas Décor ‘The Marina Winterscape’

A winter forest wonderland and destination to visit: The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands invites visitors to relish the lavish holiday ambience as its arched gallerias are embellished with grandeur and elegant festive showcase.

Illuminated with light strips, handcrafted decorations adorn the interior features of the resort grounds with bright shimmering rows of lights. An arrangement of thousand tall and slender Christmas trees shimmers in the light as it echoes from the gold and silver sequin embellishments that were carefully put together by the team at Dezign Format.


Marina Bay Sands



  • Design
  • Fabrication
  • Installation and Dismantling
  • Project Management



“A splash of deep royal blue light in the evening added a special charm to the abundant winter decoration at Marina Bay Sands as visitors indulged themselves in a celebratory opening The Holiday Light Up ceremony alongside the artists from the acclaimed musical, 'The Sound Of Music'.”

Video Credit: The Shoppes at MBS

The beloved accent of the festive showcase, a dozen of Christmas trees cascade down the main glass-roofed promenade, creating a remarkable sight. Constructed with metal frames, the trees were each assembled and decorated on-site, each of them varying in height for a more appealing visual showcase. The top structure of the Christmas trees hung in the promenade area features a steel hook, from which the trees were attached and installed on a ceiling-mounted winch.

A beloved hallmark of the season, glass snow baubles take their place in a holiday retreat. Featuring a 3D miniature of Marina Bay Sands inside them, the globes each rest on circular podium platforms, illuminated with cove lighting in warm white. Displayed across a few locations, every décor installation includes a selection of custom-made gift boxes, crafted in bright blue, silver and gold mirror finishes.