Once Upon a Time on The Orient Express

‘Once Upon A Time on The Orient Express’ exhibition made its first international stop in Singapore, following its debut in Paris, France. Featuring a collection of over 300 artefacts, the original 158-year-old locomotive, and two Pullman carriages, the exhibition walked visitors through a reconstituted train platform and showrooms which encapsulated the history of the iconic train service. As a part of the immersive experience, Voiture Restaurant was built as a replica of the heritage locomotive, featuring a fully fitted-out interior along with a service bar counter. Offering visitors a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to explore the legendary carriage, the exhibition was curated and organised by VISIONAIRS in Art Pte. Ltd.

Consisting of multiple elaborated compartments and niches, trunk-shaped exhibition displays were carefully assembled and installed on-site, housing an intricate display of valuable artefacts. The carpentry work for the service bar counter included the fabrication of a recessed display shelving fitted with wooden partitions, LED light strips, and a reflective mirror panel, creating an elegant yet functional showcase for the wine bottles and glassware on display.


VISIONAIRS in Art Pte. Ltd.


Gardens by the Bay


  • Fabrication
  • Installation 
  • Project Management

Set against the scenic surroundings of Gardens by the Bay, the facade of the boutique museum featured replicated decor of the renowned Paris railway station – Gare Du Nord. The outdoor pavilion was assembled with the use of aluminium-framed tentage structures constructed from ground level, providing an accommodating space that seamlessly housed the exhibition area spanning 2,000 square meters in total.

“To ensure the artefacts were kept in a pristine condition, our team paid great attention to detail during the set-up of the exhibits, which featured a collection of relics associated with the illustrious history behind the Orient Express.”

“Complemented by exquisite marble-patterned bar counters, wooden high bar stools and cylinder pedestals finished in elegant swirls of matte white and chrome gold, it added a sophisticated and stylish flair to the space.”