Stranger Things – The Encounter: Singapore

Featuring Netflix’s hit series, Stranger Things – The Encounter is an immersive retail experience that brings visitors on an audio-visual journey, set against seven iconic locations in Hawkins. Spanning a total of 10,000 sq ft, the exhibition showcases recreations of the original themed sets, fabricated through the use of experiential design. To bring the narrative to life, our team paid keen attention to the craftsmanship and details of the installations during the production and assembly process.

The entrance features a captivating walkway adorned with an illuminated Stranger Things signage, mounted onto a sleek matte black wall panel. Complementing the iconic logo, the sides of the structure were fitted with polished black mirror laminates, creating a captivating illusion of space and depth. Together with the rows of vibrant flexi neon light strips meticulously positioned in a horizontal orientation, the walkway was enveloped in a soft and alluring red glow, completing the mysterious ambience of the space.




  • Fabrication
  • Installation
  • Project Management

Featuring a range of installations such as a mission control panel, a half-hexagonal promethium canister cabinet, and a circular rift machine, The Lab was built to provide visitors with an immersive encounter, engaging them in an interactive arcade-inspired activity.

Over at Upside Down, three-dimensional vines coated in UV paint were sprawled across the space, adorning the surfaces of the stained concrete-textured walls. Extending from the floor to the ceiling, the tendrils were fabricated to form a network of vibrant vines that intertwined and swirled through the space. As the ceiling-mounted ultraviolet lights shone on the installation, an enchanting luminance was reflected off the vines, revealing the intricate details, curvatures, and textures of the meticulously crafted tendrils.

“From props to the iconic scene designs, replicas of the original themed sets were meticulously fabricated and installed across different rooms to bring the narrative to life.”

Rounding up the journey, the Starcourt Mall invites visitors to a vibrant retail and F&B zone, offering an exclusive range of Stranger Things merchandise and food options. At the heart of the space, a striking metal grid structure is suspended from the lofty ceiling, adorned with a life-sized die-cut Stranger Things logo display. Surrounding the installation, a range of customised builds in bold and vivid colours were fabricated to deck the space, creating a dynamic and uplifting mood within the enclosed set-up.