The House of Love, Bonito

One of the most beloved homegrown fashion labels, Love, Bonito, introduced a new rebrand of styles and visual identity, reaffirming its commitment to creating modern fashion wear for Asian women.

With bright floral tiles on the facade, the space opens up to a stylised studio apartment with sectioned zones to experience as you move through. The welcome lounge features bold scaffolding in lacquered red that extends throughout and serves as a framework behind the interior scenes. A large backdrop in rich brown features the brand’s new heart-shaped logo, printed in repeat and wrapped around a wall display.


Gusto Collective


4 Jiak Chuan Road, Singapore


  • Fabrication
  • Installation & Dismantling
  • Project Management

“Named The House of Love, Bonito, the 300-square-meter shophouse space was outfitted to activate the envisioned concept of the brand.”

The experience continues with sights of the ‘Home Studio’, where fashion sketches and prototypes are pinned on a corkboard wall. In the same space, a raised, curved podium marks ‘The Stage’ – a platform for live talk sessions set against velvet drapes with a suspended pop-up logo.

The ‘Walk-in Wardrobe’ zone was constructed with featured scaffolding tubes, turning the space into a cosy fitting room. One of the concluding zones of the experience was turned into a ‘Laundromat’ with a cheeky camera booth hidden within a stylised washing machine.