HHN ‘Hungry Ghost @ Lost World Zone’

Under the wicked gleam of the Blood Moon, a forsaken village at Lost World has been possessed by the Hungry Ghosts, devouring the daily lives of the living and cursing at them to perform rituals and prayers of the Hungry Ghost Festival every night.

Client & Venue

Universal Studios Singapore


  • Spatial Planning
  • Procurement
  • Fabrication
  • Installation and Dismantling

The challenge was to bring Seventh Month to life and make the whole experience more thematic. Possessed villagers performed daily rituals at the altars, effigies and furnaces infinitely. Chinese opera singers graced the opera shows every night, entertaining the ghosts, which almost seemed like a routine. The villagers however may turn into a maniac, after being trapped by the spirits. No one can tell the end of this nightmare and perhaps, the difference between the living and the dead too.

“We created blood-curdling backdrops completed with realistic props that complemented seamlessly with the theme of the event.”