Dior Christmas at Sephora @ ION Orchard

For this year’s iteration of their signature holiday collection, ‘Atelier of Dreams’, Dior held a seasonal visual merchandising display in ION Orchard’s Sephora.

Casting the spotlight on Dior’s renowned beauty product selection, the interior of the display space was outfitted into a distinguished retail showcase, harmonising with the brand’s refined festive flair. Adorned in lavish gold and brilliant white décor, the retail fit-out accentuates the exquisite appearances of the featured collection.

Crafted with the global campaign concept in mind, the distinctive semi-circle shape of the retail space was adapted to create an enchanting focal point, seamlessly incorporating carousel-like elements inspired by the festive campaign throughout the visual merchandising display.


Dior Beauty


ION Orchard


  • Fabrication
  • Installation and Dismantling
  • Project Management

“Golden star motifs and hand-wrapped presents were embellished throughout the pop-up experience, reinforcing the graceful splendour of a Dior Beauty Christmas.”

Dior Christmas at Sephora ION Overall Floor Plan

The flooring, adorned with a light wood finish, along with fixtures such as the counters and main masterpiece podium, elegantly bordered the curve of the entrance, enticing guests to step into the brand activation experience with an inviting, yet sophisticated presence. The retail-fit out was primarily furnished in a palette of matte white, coupled with accents of embossed golden prints.

Drawing inspiration from the intricate design of a grand merry-go-round, the feature wall was ingeniously crafted to replicate the campaign’s signature carousel motif. At its centre, a golden pillar created a captivatingly alluring display, showcasing the three-dimensional Christian Dior logo within a regal frame embellished with twinkling lights. The ceiling above was accessorised with white paper lace ornaments cut into strings of floral arrangements, as well as fairy lights, stars and charms that fell in suspended elegance.

Accompanying each side of the central pillar, intricately twisted gold poles lent an elevated charm to a pair of displays. Echoing this graceful fashion, the white paper flora delicately adorned the rectangular canopy above the LED screen, completing the enchanting atmosphere of the festive decorations.

Dior Christmas at Sephora ION Main Feature Wall
Dior Christmas at Sephora ION Main Podium Display

The display podium features an ensemble of three pedestals with varying heights. The tallest podium, plated in polished gold, boasts twisted pillars that gracefully mimicked the silhouette of a carousel, with an enlarged model of the famed Dior J’adore Eau De Parfum housed within. Akin to the crowning topper of a traditional Christmas tree, an extruded gold star wrapped in a layer of textured glitter elegantly sat atop the podium’s roof, imparting a touch of festive allure to the overall grandeur of the display.