Dior Beauty Boutique at ION Orchard

In the spirit of festive joy, Dior unveiled this year’s iteration of their signature seasonal holiday collection, situated at the heart of ION Orchard with a permanent interior fit-out space.

The permanent boutique, exclusively dedicated to bespoke Dior products and personalised gift customisation services, was designed in an elegant palette of snow white. The luxurious ambiance was further elevated as opulence was introduced through the incorporation of dazzling gold elements, with the spotlight on Dior’s renowned J’adore Eau De Parfum. Other festive decorations included brilliant gold-patterned decals embellishing the walls, laminated display counters, and feature structures.


Dior Beauty


ION Orchard


  • Fabrication
  • Installation and Dismantling
  • Project Management

“Every visual merchandising display element was built to create an immersive and memorable experience, aligning seamlessly with the essence of Dior’s enchanting universe.”

The storefront was crowned with a radiant pelmet that illuminated Dior’s brand name, establishing an inviting ambiance. Amplifying the allure, a resplendent gold panel, furnished with a reflective water ripple texture and embossed with the J’adore logo, graced one wall, becoming a focal point of the space. Adjacent to the prominent feature wall, a circular display table showcased Dior’s products with a captivating carousel-like theme, elevating the overall visual appeal of the set-up.

Dior ION Orchard Permanent Space Display Table And Carousel
Dior ION Orchard Permanent Space Suspended Charms

Delicate stars and whimsical CD charms bearing the iconic Dior logo are suspended enticingly from behind the counter. Emulating an experience reminiscent of private shopping and a warm, home-like style, the use of decorative wooden flooring contributed to the overall sophistication of the space.