Climate Change Exhibition

Jointly developed by Science Centre Singapore (SCS) and Science North, a newly-refurbished Climate Change Exhibition was created to educate and influence visitors on positive actions one can take to minimise negative environmental impact on our habitat. Through an interactive and immersive theatrical experience, visitors were brought through realistic and actionable scenes to ruminate about the direct impact one can have on the planet in our everyday lives. 

Client & Venue

Science Centre Singapore


  • Spatial Planning
  • Design
  • Fabrication
  • Installation
  • Project Management

Re-constructing both the interior of the theatrical space as well as its external facade, we have designed and fabricated a set of enhanced showpieces and an entrance statement of an enclosed exhibition set-up. From design to fabrication, the team at Dezign Format has built an authentic thematic set, handling every aspect of the project, including procurement and installation. Interactive display sets and artefacts were replicated in close detail and resemblance to real-life objects to provide visitors with an immersive and dynamic experience. This project showcases our craft and dedication to continue creating innovative, experiential and impactful exhibits for visitors of all ages. 

“Handcrafted installations of airplanes and mosquitos were rigged from the ceiling to maximise the space in a theatre room and create a more atmospheric experience.”

Science Centre Climate Change Exhibition Hanging Mosquito