Otah & Friends Vol. 3: Grocery Run

Featuring Volume 3 of the Otah & Friends edition on a storytelling and eco-educational experience, Otah was about to host his very first tea party but was shocked to find out that all his cookies were missing. It was his brother, Chaotah, that had gobbled down all his cookies before the party even begin. Visitors were then tasked to help Otah out by making a trip down to Chongkee Supermarket to shop for more items needed for the tea party.


El Masnou


Suntec City


  • Fabrication
  • Installation and Dismantling
  • Project Management

With proper spatial planning and design, the space at Suntec was transformed into a unique shopping experience with shelving, products and grocery displays fabricated to make the supermarket experience as close to reality and family friendly as possible.

With hands-on activities like stopping a timer at exactly 0.99g for the cheese to drop off the hanger and brain teasers to unlock a rare mushroom, visitors get engaged and excited at every turn!

“The experience resembled a real-life supermarket with groceries and food products designed in vibrant and attractive colours to stimulate positive emotional reactions.”

“The check-out counters were embedded with sensors and audio triggers mimicking a real-life supermarket shopping experience!”