Dior ‘New Look Collection’ 2022

Inspired by Christian Dior’s earlier inspiration for all things English, the emblematic black and white print first appeared on Dior’s runway show in 1947 and became well-known as the Houndstooth print.

The Houndstooth print returned with a modern twist adorned on Dior’s limited-edition New Look make-up collection. The bold use of perspective over the print, transform the retail space seamlessly into a timeless space where shoppers can indulge Dior exclusive services enhanced with visually-gratifying retail shopping experience at the ION Orchard.




ION Orchard


  • Fabrication
  • Installation and Dismantling
  • Project Management

“Houndstooth print return with a modern twist in Dior’s New Look Collection as homage to Christian Dior’s earlier works for all things English”

“The timeless print is embellished with extensive care in the hands of our craftsmen to create a thematic experience within a retail space”