Scotts Square: An Odd-inary Christmas

This year’s festive season, Scotts Square embraces the holiday celebration with a modern twist. Titled ‘An Odd-inary Christmas! – Play Different @ Scotts Square’, the mall’s seasonal campaign revolves around a vibrant palette of bold colourways, geometrical shapes and whimsical Frankenstein-inspired monsters, adding a touch of unique charm to the Christmas décor.

Greeting visitors at the entrance are garlands and an elegant header, designed to resemble a gift box topped with a structured ribbon in polished gold. This festive embellishment stands alongside other captivating holiday decorations, such as three-dimensional monster mascots, decorative disco baubles, and miniature Christmas trees illuminated with cool white flexi lights.



  • Fabrication
  • Installation and Dismantling
  • Project Management

“Scotts Square was transformed into a whimsical winter wonderland, inviting everyone to revel in a playground of joy and festive fun.”

Elements of the visual concept extend into the interior space of the mall, accented with a six-metre tall Christmas tree as the focal point at the atrium. Adorned with fun contemporary ornaments and garlands, the tree features two-dimensional die-cut monsters emerging from arched window lightboxes, adding depth to the main decor piece.

Scotts Square Christmas Display Atrium Christmass Tree