Ralph’s Club: From Singapore To New York

Ralph Lauren Fragrances has unveiled its latest fragrance, ‘Ralph’s Club Elixir’, presented within a luxurious boutique experience housed at the iconic promenade outside Marina Bay Sands. Conforming to the timeless, classy chic, the boutique is set in black as a predominant colour, referencing the atmosphere of 1930s Manhattan nightclubs.

Titled ‘Ralph’s Club: From Singapore To New York’, the pop-up presents a storytelling experience guided through five interconnected rooms. A sliding door with laced framing details opens the experience, leading to a stylised elevator that transports guests through space with the changing city skylines of two iconic cities: Singapore and New York. Finely detailed, the interior was crafted to emulate an authentic lift lobby foyer, completed with embossed wallpaper, full-height LED screens, and a button console panel.


Mercury Integrated/Gusto Collective


Marina Bay Sands Event Plaza


  • Fabrication
  • Installation and Dismantling
  • Project Management

The scent discovery continues in the Olfactive Bar room, outfitted with a bespoke interactive counter display that introduces the ingredients of Ralph’s Club Collection fragrances. Built with large windows overlooking the Marina Bay area, the following zones feature a double-sided sleek backdrop built after a runway podium display and a life-like performance stage with circular lightboxes at the base. The Elixir Lounge area serves as a culminating experience, where the main highlights are an oversized replica of the original Ralph’s Club Elixir flask and a prominent display of the Ralph Lauren monogram logo mounted on the ceiling.

Video Credit: Ralph Lauren Fragrances

“Comprising five interconnected rooms, the boutique was assembled on-site and clad with jointed fluted panels, fully equipped for outdoor conditions.”