Philosophy Pop-Up

A conscious skincare and cosmetic company philosophy presented an experiential boutique nestled in the heart of ION Orchard. Following its skincare regimen, the pop-up spanned 140 square metres, featuring five individual stations unified via an open concept.

Outfitted with fabric lightboxes set in curved frames, activation outposts were built with detailed design elements harmoniously integrated to follow and underline philosophy’s brand image. Circular lightboxes positioned in the central projecting frame were further enhanced by vertical acrylic panels cut in undulating shapes.

A selection of products was showcased on circular tilted panels, accented with lightboxes, installed on top. The product display, made of metal, was constructed with a base support concealed underneath the main platform elevation.




ION Orchard


  • Fabrication
  • Installation and Dismantling
  • Project Management

“philosophy’s pop-up indulged in immersive stations, luminous colours, and interactive elements, providing an engaging experience zone.”

An entrance arch aglow with captivating hues of flexineon lights and furnished with mirror acrylic welcomed guests into the space. In the centre of the experience, a circular centrepiece boasted an elevated platform adorned with a graphic surface backdrop layered under timber panels. The back section of the centrepiece doubled as an illuminated display, complete with movable mirrors and product shelving, showcasing the wide array of the brand’s skincare line.

Infusing an interactive dimension into the experience, selected stations included engaging elements to visually highlight the unique attributes of the featured products. To enhance interactivity, one of the stations incorporated immersive elements such as a mini trampoline, simulating the effects of lively, bouncy skin, adding a delightful touch to the pop-up experience.