OPPO Find N3 and Find N3 Flip Global Launch

The new OPPO Find N3 and Find N3 Flip smartphones made their global debut in Singapore, with a grand launch event held at Changi Exhibition Centre. The event presentation space encompassed a seating gallery, an experience zone with the latest products on display, as well as a series of exhibition stands, backdrops, and feature installations.

The event set-up was completed with a bespoke stage platform illuminated with cove lighting and a logo lightbox pop-up, fitted on a tilted panel at the forefront. The experience zone featured an array of linear display tables with tabletops that appeared to be suspended in mid-air. This effect was achieved through custom carpentry details paired with the placement of light sources in recessed niches beneath each tabletop.




Changi Exhibition Centre


  • Technical Planning
  • Fabrication
  • Installation and Dismantling
  • Project Management

“The event exhibition featured various activation points, all of which were set up to present the new products and engage the guests with an immersive and compelling experience.”

The product demonstration area was extended into an ambient dark zone with a bespoke DJ booth in a reflective finish, set at the front of a feature display. Circular ornamental lights were mounted on individual vertical panels, which appeared to be hovering against an installation made with crushed gold foil. The opposite side of the experiential zone featured a backdrop shaped after the foldable design of a new smartphone series, with a suspended 3D rendition of the launch slogan.