Flower by Kenzo L’Absolue X Super Farmers

Sharing mutual values of mindfulness and sustainability, Kenzo Parfums came together with a local wellness studio Super Farmers for an exclusive experiential marketing farm-to-table workshop. During the workshop guests got to experience farm-to-table cooking, creating their own yoghurt parfait out of natural ingredients as well as learning how to grow their own microgreens.

Featuring elements of iconic poppy blossoms, the studio was accented with bright visuals of the branding campaign by Kenzo. A 2D backdrop showcasing Flower by Kenzo L’Absolue banner decorated the entrance of the venue, with a display of poppies fitted at the bottom. The visual merchandising display of the Kenzo L’Absolue flacons was positioned along the arrangement of floral garlands and a decorative floral basket on the side.


KENZO Parfums


Super Farmers


  • Fabrication
  • Installation and Dismantling
  • Project Management

The outdoor area was themed after a Parisian garden, featuring a floral garland, wrapped around a trellis structure and red carpeted flooring. An ornamented bench was placed in the garden, located outside the workshop with baskets of lush bouquets on top.

The interior kitchen counter area was adorned with a display of poppies assembled around a logo lightbox.

“Surrounded by an abundance of red poppies, guests were transported to the sophisticated and alluring world of Flower by Kenzo.”