Halloween Horror Nights 10 – Hospitality of Horror

Halloween Horror Nights returned to Universal Studios Singapore with a 10th edition of the annual celebration of all things spooky. One of the three iconic themed houses “Hospitality of Horror” brought visitors on a journey through a haunted Hotel Golden Monument, built after the interior of a Colonial-style mansion.

The facade of the experience was fabricated to relay a realistic exterior of a historic grand house, with carefully replicated elements of colonial columns and decorative windows, outfitted with concealed lighting effects and an antique foyer chandelier. The entrance hallway marked the beginning of the experience, greeting the guests with a hotel foyer and a reception counter with an in-built concealed room hidden behind.


Resorts World Sentosa


Universal Studios Singapore


  • Fabrication
  • Installation and Dismantling
  • Project Management

The themed experience continued to unfold through maze-like corridors finished with mirrored panels, leading to a ghostly hotel room. Here, the mysterious interior fit-out was replicated in the closest details, including custom carpentry of wall elevations and wooden balcony doors. A lavishly styled bathroom was housed in the next experiential zone, before bringing visitors to the utility rooms of the hotel, finished with various concrete wall textures and effects of rusty metal surfaces.

The journey of the “Hospitality of Horror” was concluded in a mystifying courtyard styled with decorative silicon figures before leading the visitors to the final destination of the experience. A royal tomb was styled with distressed stone columns and overgrown plants, with a display of gold-painted treasures and distressed themed artefacts.

“The immersive effect of the experience was achieved through the detailed recreation of themed set designs, fabricated by the craftsmen to bring out the most realistic visual atmosphere of the story.”