Dior Beauty Christmas Décor at Marina Bay Sands

The centrepiece of a festive décor display at Marina Bay Sands features an ensemble of lavishly decorated Christmas trees and enchanting carousels. Presented in partnership with Dior Beauty, the showcase adds a charming touch to the festive celebrations at one of the most prominent gallerias, Grand Colonnade South.

With a total height of 11 meters, the showpiece presents 7 individual displays, built after a detailed inner structural plan that was developed in accordance with the design. The fir branches of the Christmas trees showcase one of the most boastful decorations ever seen. Handcrafted individually, the ornaments include delicate blooms of dahlia, lily, and magnolia, along with butterflies and exquisite paper lace in a luxurious glossy gold finish.


Dior Beauty



  • Fabrication
  • Installation and Dismantling
  • Project Management

“Immerse in the festive showcase by watching the enchanting display come to life during the annual Christmas Light-Up, captured during the evening’s celebration.”

Video Credit: Dezign Format

“Reflected in the embodiment of the French fashion House of Dior, the essence of refinement and luxury of the Maison is restated in an immersive holiday showcase.”

Two carousel displays accent decorative perfume decanters elevated above an assembly of Dior Beauty gifts. Complementing the arrangement, a pair of Christmas trees are placed on both sides of the main piece, each of them ornamented with lavish décor and topped with star charms in shimmering gold. The canopy of the central podium display is decorated with exquisite paper lace paired with suspended Christian Dior charms in matching polished gold.


Located at the fore of the lavish Dior Boutique at Marina Bay Sands, the Dior Beauty Christmas holiday store offers a curated selection of gifts, presented with bespoke personalisation services.

Crafted in accordance with the global concept, the pop-up was adapted to the retail space of the atrium while featuring detailed elements in its décor. Bespoke product display counters were crafted in a matte white finish with a motif in brilliant gold. The centre pillars of the pavillions were decorated with delicate paper lace, suspended from the ceiling canopy, together with lustrous brand charms.

Photo Courtesy: Dior Beauty