Scotts Square: Lunar New Year Décor ‘Blossoms of Spring’

Scotts Square ushers in the Lunar New Year with magnificent blooming roses and decorative pastel-pink spring blossoms unfolding over a golden frame at the main entrance, representing the beginning of the New Spring bringing good luck and a promising future of prosperity into the coming year.

Each blossom is tenderly hand-assembled by our craftsmen to create beautifully ornamental garlands and glowing floral bubbles to gazette the luxury boutique mall with the exuberance of the festivity.

Even when night falls, the glowing blossoms gently lit up and permeate the spaces with the soft romance of spring!


Scotts Square



  • Design
  • Fabrication
  • Installation and Dismantling
  • Project Management

“Gold entrance decorated with blooming flowers ushers in the New Spring with good luck, and invites all to relish in the exuberant festivity”

“Our craftsmen hand-assembled each blossom to create beautiful ornamental garlands and decorative bubbles that brings a soft touch of romance to the Lunar New Year”