HHN ‘Twisted Clown University @ WaterWorld Zone’

Twisted Clown University brings you step by step in your journey to be a killer clown. Every class is run by a different clown, each with its unique surprises and unusual twists. Not forgetting the club sign-ups made available for you to make friends and earn bonus credits. The journey however takes a dark turn. Just when you thought you barely graduated, deadly punishment casts upon you, as clowns do not take failure as an excuse. An eerie invitation to re-enrol springs.

Being a common fear to many, clowns often appear at Singapore’s Halloween Horror Nights. A key challenge laid in showcasing a clown-themed experience that isn’t repetitive. Surprises and plot twists including several fake-out moments crawled throughout the University. Even for HHN fanatics, it was a heart-jumping one for them!

Client & Venue

Universal Studios Singapore


  • Spatial Planning
  • Design
  • Fabrication
  • Installation and Dismantling
  • Project Management

“Each scene takes a bizarre twist, with unusual transitions built from class to class.”