Marina Bay Sands: Lunar New Year Décor ‘Garden of Abundance’

The “Garden of Abundance” was unveiled in celebration of Lunar New Year 2023, featuring larger-than-life peach blossoms and golden rabbits that adorned the grounds of the iconic Marina Bay Sands complex. Beset with blush garlands of cherry blossom petals, a triad of golden rabbits was suspended above the gallerias, captured leaping in the air.

Prominent décor enclaves dressed in a palette of blush rose were designed after natural cascades with elevated platforms featuring miniatures of gold-brushed rabbits. Symbolising charm and prosperity, handcrafted blossoms of peony flowers in the middle of the landscape descended from above, echoing the gentle flow of a river. Delicate and slender stems coated in lustrous gold unfurled paper-thin blooms of cherry blossoms with subtle illuminations on the tip of each filament of the petal.


Marina Bay Sands



  • Fabrication
  • Installation & Dismantling
  • Project Management

Elegant, lighthearted and alluring, the festive decorations displayed across the lavish resort offered the visitors a sight to behold and cherish. Intricately sculpted and illuminated with flexi-neon LED lights, the rabbits graced various areas of the integrated resort, including the casino, the hotel lobby, and one of the main gallerias in the Grand Colonnade South. Peach blossoms, the unifying motif across the different installations, signified renewal and spring, adding a graceful touch to the idyllic landscape.

Lavish celebrations, featuring lion dances and live singing performances, were held at night. Guests were invited to marvel at the delightful installations while soaking in the vibrant atmosphere of the festive season.

“Embodying longevity and prosperity, the playful rabbits brought a charming presence to the festive atmosphere.”