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About Us

About Us

About Company

DEZIGN FORMAT is a well-known and respected Turnkey Design Build
specialist in the industry. An integrated spatial-design practice, with more
than 30 years of experience in:

Branding and Marketing Activities
Commercial and Retail Spaces
Large Scale Exhibitions and Events


A Preferred Partner for enhancing
our Clients’ brand images with
Innovation, Passion and


We commit to deliver
Effective, Timely and Quality solutions
to achieve Total Clients’ Satisfaction.


People Development
Excellence and Innovation
Safety and Responsibility



The first big project was for Plaza Hotel at Beach Road. Dezign Format was recognized for providing reliable and quality workmanship and given a 4 years contract for Design and Build for Plaza Hotel’s festive build ups.


Plaza Hotel recommended Dezign Format to New Park and Concourse for their festive season decoration.


The sales department was formed to look for more projects. On top of that, the sales person was also in charge of client servicing and conducted business development activities.


The design department was formed and helmed by Dezign Format founder – Mr N S Chong. Dezign Format started to train a group of creatives to provide better solutions for partners or clients.


Dezign Format went into partnership with event management companies for international/national events by becoming their appointed contractor.


It was a record breaking year for Dezign Format in terms of revenue and projects completed.


The Asian Financial Crisis affected the company as there were lesser events and business activity. The Government acquired the land space at Woodlands Industrial Park and Dezign Format was relocated to a new work site.


Dezign Format was relocated to Woodlands Industrial Park. It is a 8000 square feet workshop and factory. Dezign Format have a total strength of 30 staff during the opening ceremony.


With the additional space, Dezign Format decided to invest in a printing department and purchased a few large scale printing equipment.


Dezign Format hit another performance milestone as the year 2000 saw the entrance of multiple big events and projects in Singapore.


9/11 affected the global economy and tourism. Dezign Format have multiple project cancellation and the growth was stunted.


While the market is recovering and reacting to the global climate, Dezign Format decided to look inward and conducted several management and internal review to identify some weak points in the company.


The SARS epidemic put the entire world on hold and standstill. Spending were minimal and business activities were either postponed or cancelled.


The past few years were tumultuous times for Dezign Format. The core team and staff came together to work on solutions to help the company pull through this period of low activity.


Dezign Format started to engage in more projects and stabilized. The Management team decided to do a companywide restructuring. A new management style and SOP led work process gave the company better control. The results were immediate and Dezign Format set a new revenue milestone.


The management are looking further and planned to expand and internationalize. The ISO 9001 Quality Management System was implemented to standardize the processes in the company. The first Dezign Format company retreat was also held for all staff to celebrate the achievements.


Dezign Format did a 20 years anniversary appreciation dinner to thank the loyal staff and partners.


Dezign Format expanded and moved to Woodlands Spectrum Industrial and increase the floor space to 20000 square feet. The total strength was 65 excluding the founders.


Dezign Format departmentalized and set several work groups to conduct daily business activities in a more professional manner.


A new financial milestone was attained by Dezign Format through the various internal reforms and adjustments. Business activities were stable and forecasting became feasible to help the company look regionally.


During this period of growth and expansion in Dezign Format, the management decided to venture overseas - Malaysia Production Office and Philippines Design Office.


Dezign Format doubled the working area to 50000 square feet and invested in a Robotic Milling Arm to automate production.


The management decided to embark on a new route and started development of themed Travelling Exhibitions. DinoQuest Joint Venture with Singapore Science Centre was chosen to be the first development project.


Looking even further than the Southeast Asia region, the first Middle East International office at Bahrain was set up to look at a brand new market.


Dezign Format 30th Anniversary! A DF30 Gala Dinner Celebration was held at Gardens by the Bay to thank all the partners, clients and staff.


3 key focus:
1. Corporate Social Responsibility
2. Increase Overseas Presence
3. Development of in-house IPs

Organization Chart


What We Do


Content Creation


Dezign Format have an in-house content development team – with a curator, impression artist and graphic stylist, to conceptualize ideas and concepts to suit your design requirement.



Technical Drawing

Dezign Format have an in-house design team consisting of a Creative Director whom oversee and manage designers with skill sets ranging from Graphic design, 3D modelling to technical drawing.

Technical Drawing

Production & Fabrication

Customized Build Up

Dezign Format have an in-house production space that cater to general carpentry and metal work. A sculpting department can customized and model any design to your specific needs.

Customized Build Up

Project Management

Contractor Management

Dezign Format have an in-house project management team that is responsible for the execution of all projects from start to end. The responsibilities includes – project planning/timeline, permits/clearances, project setup/teardown, contractor management etc.

Contractor Management

Design Philosophy

Dezign Format believes that creative design and functional ergonomics comes hand in hand.

Dezign Format strives to incorporate creative inputs to solve functional problems through a broad based design thinking process. Design can help solve ergonomic and functional issues that are not well defined.

The design team in Dezign Format are challenge to rethink user experience and approach design
with empathy and innovative solutions.

Our Founders

Mr NS Chong

Mr NS Chong

The man with a Vision

Mr NS Chong founded Dezign Format in 1988 with a clear vision to provide the best design and build service to clients in Singapore. With a deep passion in design, Mr Chong set the creative foundation and design philosophy for the company today.

Mr Mike Chong

Mr Mike Chong

The man on a Mission

Mr Mike Chong founded Dezign Format in 1988 with Mr NS Chong. With his sharp and intuitive business acumen, Mr Mike Chong constantly push the company to achieve new milestones. As the CEO of Dezign Format, Mr Mike Chong oversee the company’s operation and set the next milestone to push the Dezign Format to new heights.